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dr.pauline lechevalier

Dr. Pauline Lechevalier



After completing her medical studies in France at “Université Paris VII”, and receiving her Pediatric board certificate in 2009, Dr. Pauline Lechevalier practiced as an Assistant Professor, “Chef de Clinique des Hôpitaux de Paris” at Robert Debré Hospital. Then she continued her clinical activity as attached practitioner in “La Pitié Salpétrière”, neonatology department.

In parallel, Dr. Pauline was very active with the International NGO “Médecins Sans Frontières”: she took multiple field assignments as Clinical Manager and Pediatrician in Africa (Mali, Republic of Congo, Niger and South Sudan). She was also involved in the Parisian headquarters of the NGO supervising vaccination programs.

Dr Pauline provides quality health care based on the latest scientific evidence with a strong expertise in vaccination, infectious diseases, travel medicine, growth and development assessment, adolescent health, asthma and other chronic diseases.

Dr. Pauline has joined THE CLINIC as a Consultant Pediatrician.