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dr.maria morales

Ms. Mathilde Valade

Osteopath D.O

DIFC Clinic - Dubai

Languages: french english

Ms Mathilde Valade is a French Osteopath D.O. After being raised in Dubai, she left to study Osteopathy in France. She practices both structural and functional techniques. She also uses Cupping Therapy to Reduce Pain, Dry Needling, Inflammation, and Improve Blood Flow.

Leveraging those skills and expertise, she can treat newborn, children and adults both for physical and mental health issues.

She is also passionate about helping people with stress related issues including MSK, digestive issues, headaches, teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

Throughout her experience she had the opportunity to support many athletes and sportspersons during intense sport events (Trail runs, Rugby matches, Surf Championships, etc…)